Sunday, October 31, 2004

Boo, yo.

After attending 3 Halloween parties in the last four days, I have heard more than once the comment, "I'll just be glad after the election's over."

Don't get me wrong, so will I. But I've never really been so concerned about an election result ever. For the last two elections, I voted, and if my presidential dude didn't win, no sweat.

But this year, it's really different. I'm scared. I don't trust this administration to do what I believe is the right thing-to make peace, to stop the killing. I don't think the war will end if our current president is re-elected. And it's remotely possible that I could be directly affected if the war continues.

Although both candidates have denied the need to reinstate the draft, and that it's already been nixed by Congress, The New York Times reported that a contingency plan for a medical draft has been given to the administration, in case a catastrophic event overwhelms the military's medical corps. Basically, they'd draft MDs, nurses, corpmen, and linguists. According to the independent contractor who drew up the plan, a medical draft would be more likely to occur before a general draft, because of the severe need of soldiers with specialized skills. As an RN, late 20s, no kids, no dependents, with just the right amount of years of experience (two to three years lists you as a "competent" practitioner- I've been a nurse for a little over four years), I make a pretty attractive candidate for induction. Also, I have a 19-year old male cousin who is graduating high school this year. I think it was Linda Ellerbee who once said she heard that the worst time to give birth to a son is 18-25 years before a war. Yeah. Scary.

I've thought about it. Went online, read some stuff, and weighed my options. I'd figure I'd do this now, since it's still a hypothetical situation. I've never been great about making decisions under pressure.

I thought about refusing to go, to apply as a conscienous objector, but I'm not sure I could live with the guilt of knowing that, if I refused, another brother or sister nurse would replace me, perhaps going into harm's way, because I didn't. So I've ruled that out. I'm also really not crazy about running off to Canada, or getting out of nursing altogether. So, I've decided that, if called up, I will go. I don't see any other decent option; until then, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this administration is honest with me on this one. It may be the first time they are.

So as not to end this on such a downer, have found some nice sites. The first is Pax Christi- which is the Catholic Peace Movement group. The other is The Peace Company, which has various products and information on peace advocation and activism. Enjoy!

Monday, October 25, 2004

It's very encouraging to know that voter turnout for next week's presidential election could reach record levels, so sayeth most local media affliliates. Very very cool.

In knitting news, I am working once again on an afghan for my sister, in the colors of Tech. It's a rather ambitious project, a lot of stitches and a lot of rows, and hopefully I will get it done before Christmas. I am planning to make a duplicate for my cousin, another Tech alum.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

A few weeks ago, my sister acquired a six-week old bichon pup named Daisy. She's a very cute little squirt, however, my mom has already picked favorites, saying there is no dog like Fee.
At this rate, we'll never have to have kids. She's quite fulfilled that her two grandkids have four legs and fur.

As for wedding plans, not much new to report, except I have found this killer site, Indiebride. Excellent take on weddings, the wedding industry, and keeping the focus realistic. Fabulous.

Right now, Fee is cuddled around Big's arm, snoozing soundly. Awesome.

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