Saturday, July 29, 2006

Recent Movie Reviews

Clerks 2: I laughed so hard my boobs hurt for two days. I've been really liking Rosario Dawson's latest projects (Sin City, Rent, and this movie), and think that she's in the running as the next fanboy lust object. Jason Mewes and Jeff Anderson and a new guy to View Askew, Trevor Fehrman as Elias, are the standouts.

The Ape: A nice little movie that was adapted from a play written by James Franco, the really cute guy who plays Harry Osborne in the Spider-man movies. It's about a guy who moves into an apartment with a talking ape. Guys will love this movie because it has monkeys. Girls most likely will like it too, although Franco's character is a bit of a prick. Scott Mosier and Dave Klein, best known for their collaboration with Kevin Smith's View Askew pictures, worked on this film too. FYI, it's out on DVD.)

Grillin: The internet geeks are debating whether this one should have gone straight to DVD. The characters are funny, the plot is weak. Ray Romano and Kevin James (Doug on King of Queens) are two door-to-door meat salesmen who have to make a big sale in order to stay employed, and stumble upon a small group of powerful local mobsters. Again, the plot is really weak, but the character development is interesting, although you probably will only want to see this once.

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