Thursday, September 27, 2007

NPR gets a new face

I have started gravitating towards talking on my radio lately. For some reason, the soothing smooth talk of the human voice soothes me day after day. Usually I start out listening to Elliot In The Morning, simply because I require something extreme to wake me up past the pathetic baseline my morning coffee provides. Then I usually switch over to podcasts, my choice, since I subscribe to a couple of various topics. In the late afternoon, I find myself gravitating to NPR. National Public Radio. I like their newscasts and period pieces. And now...NPR got so much cooler in my book.

For the past several weeks, my she-ro, Skepchick Rebecca Watson, has been competing in an NPR talen search. A couple of days ago, she posted on her blog that SHE WON!!! The grand prize is that she will get her own show on NPR. Rebecca has said that she will use the show to promote science, critical thinking and skepticism. Congrats Rebecca!!!

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