Thursday, June 30, 2005

Meeting The Fockers

So last night we celebrated a milestone- the meeting of the parents.

"I can't believe they've never met before! How long have you two been together?" Lorien asks me this morning. It's true, John and I have been together for more than 2 years, have cohabitated, and share a dog, and all this was before our 'rents had the pleasure of meeting each other. It's been a bit of a battle, with Mr and Mrs Big living out of state, my mom working every weekend from September to June, and my own crazy schedule, to get all of the parental units together for one big shindig.

That is until this week. The place: Topeka Steakhouse, the time: 6:30 in the PM. The fams will collide!

Actually, they LOVED each other. Okay food, good conversation, lots of smiles and laughter. They're going on vacation together soon. Of course, John and I aren't invited. But hey, rather that happening than some Jerry Springer-esque in-law slug-a-thon, eh?

Friday, June 17, 2005

Concert Whore

We just got tickets to the Sounds of The Underground Tour, which is going to be making it's way to Portsmouth on July 1. It will be my first GWAR show. I've put in for the day off, and if I don't get it, I'm going to take it without pay.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Throwin' The Goat

If you go to My Beloved's website, you'll hear all about our fabulous time at the COC concert at the Norva in Norfolk on Sunday. Some highlights from my perspective:

1) Got high-fived by the lead singer of Weedeater

2) Threw the goat at Crowbar's bassist. He threw the goat back!

3) Got to ogle Johnny, the lead singer of Alabama Thunderpussy. He has very nice pants.

4) Didn't get tinnitus or migraine, because I now wear earplugs at a lot of these shows. So understanding lyrics was scarce, but for me, it's all about the music, baby! And of course, the thrill that your flirting and vibes caused the lead guitarist to move over to your side of the stage in order to perform his very important solo right in front of you. (Seriously, I think I was the only chick in the front row, so this was easy.)

5) The Norva is actually a really cool venue. It's apparently an old movie theatre that's been refurbished into a kick arse concert hall.

6) Got to ogle Pepper Keenan, the lead singer of COC. He has very nice arms.

7) The fact that my future husband supports my goat throwing habit. Go to his website again for concert info and links to these wonderful bands websites. Yeah, I'm pluggin his site, so visit it, dammit!

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