Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Enough with the "-lee" 's, Already!

Okay, it may be just me, and I just may be a grumpy old fart, but what the hooter is up with these kids named Ashlee? Not Ashley, with the emphasis on the syllable "ash" (i.e ASH-ley), but on the "lee" making it sound like you're squealing her name out (ash-LEEEEE!) the likes of which sea gulls will respond to you.

And it's not just Ashley's name that is taking the beating. There is also Bay-lee, and Kay-lee, and Shay-lee, and Ri-lee.

Let's please put an end to this trend, please. Naming them these cutesy sea gull squawk names only prepares them for a life of being married to a philanderer named Brad (which is another stupid name, I might add).

Do it for humanity's last dying gasp. Thank you.

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