Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Enough with the "-lee" 's, Already!

Okay, it may be just me, and I just may be a grumpy old fart, but what the hooter is up with these kids named Ashlee? Not Ashley, with the emphasis on the syllable "ash" (i.e ASH-ley), but on the "lee" making it sound like you're squealing her name out (ash-LEEEEE!) the likes of which sea gulls will respond to you.

And it's not just Ashley's name that is taking the beating. There is also Bay-lee, and Kay-lee, and Shay-lee, and Ri-lee.

Let's please put an end to this trend, please. Naming them these cutesy sea gull squawk names only prepares them for a life of being married to a philanderer named Brad (which is another stupid name, I might add).

Do it for humanity's last dying gasp. Thank you.

Most of that is because (a) lots of people can't spell worth a crap, and (b) lots of people want to name kids after entertainers' stage names.
In my line of work, I've seen kids named after (mis-spelled) cars (Esq'alade, Murcedeez), food products and beverages (Dijonaise, Tequila), cookware (Teflon),and just plain strange shit (Tarzan, Xeron, Zaviyurr, etc.).

Erin went through this phase where she was reading this website devoted to bad names for children. You'd be horrified as to the extent this trend has perpetuated itself through our society. I'll have to see if she can link it for you.
I was just reading your post and thinking I should tell her about that site but Bert beat me to it ;) I still enjoy going there it is populated by many wonderfully sarcastic and witty people :)

posting again because I meant to tell you if you are interested the site is
Got some fresh ones:

Myprecious Miracle
Twinkle Jones
Candy Apple
Candy Kaine
James Loser
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