Sunday, December 18, 2005

My Kids Are The Cutest.

Yesterday we took Fee and Bob Cat to PetsMart to buy them lots of toys and treats. We brought both of them, since we wanted to get Bob's nails trimmed before he bludgeoned someone. He had to wear one of Fee's old pink harnesses, so people thought he was a girl until we specified otherwise. The two grooming salon kids oogled over him, and as he was being held and belly-rubbed by one and clipped by another, we'd noticed that a crowd had gathered outside the big glass window to gush at my cat. Afterwards, we got a cart and put both of them in the little baby seatee, where they mostly stayed. There were a lot of people there, and there were a couple of people getting their pictures taken with Santa, and we got their pictures taken as well. It's a rarity to see a cat in PetsMart that has a loving home (a former coworker who moonlighted there told me horror stories about people abandoning cats there), and people were coming up to see Fee and Bob both. We bought them some toys for Christmas and all in all, it was a fun family outing.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Stuff You Should Know About If You Wanna Be Cool

This month's issue of RN Magazine had an editors note about nurses in Louisiana that were affected by the hurricane. After a huge inital response when the requests for tolietries, stethoscopes, socks, and BP cuffs were met by nurses all over the U.S. and Canada, the Louisiana State Nurses Association is now focusing on fundraising to offer financial assistance to nurses that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. You can help by clicking here.

ALso, my favorite comedian Patton Oswalt has a new reality-type show on Comedy Central. It's called The Comedians of Comedy, and it chronicles the adventures of Patton, Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford, and Zach Galifinakis as they criss-cross the country on their Comedians of Comedy Tour. I'd watch it, but I don't have cable. Perhaps you could watch it for me? Bonus points if you tape it! Thanks!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Nola Underground and Hurricane Katrina

Note: John and I are co-blogging about this particular subject, as to reach a wider audience.

For the past couple of months we've had hundreds, perhaps thousands of images and stories from Hurricane Katrina. Considering all of the communities that were displaced, it's not surprising that the subject of my post made it in under the radar, since it mainly deals with a small group numbering less than 20, but it really concerned us, and we thought it'd be good to help put it out there.

The February 2005 issue of Revolver Magazine (it's the issue with Pantera on the cover) features an article about the metal scene of New Orleans, which, again, consists of about 12-15 musicians, but although small, has been very influencial. John and I had the opportunity last spring to check out a great show featuring Crowbar and Corrosion of Conformity, both bands that hail from the New Orleans area. Pepper Keenan, the lead singer for COC, is a native and owns a bar down there. Although Keenan and Crowbar are mentioned sporadically throughout the article, it mainly focuses on two musicians: Eyehategod singer Mike Williams, arrested after the hurricane for undisclosed reasons (he currently is sitting in jail awaiting bond, set at about 115 grand) and the former lead singer of Soilent Green Glenn Rambo, who drowned in his home in Violet, a suburb of New Orleans.
Rambo and his mother were lower-income and both suffered from epilepsy and had no resources to leave. The National Guard found their bodies after Rambo's ex led them to the house.

Edwards' story is a bit more complicated. I'll try to summarize as best I can, but the article is really good and if you can, you should read it. Edwards and his girlfriend rode out the storm because their didn't have a car. Three days post-storm, the couple hitched to Morgan City, about 70 miles from New Orleans, where they were arrested. Edwards is a recovering heroin addict and, according to bandmates and friends, was only using Methadone at the time. Many speculate that having the Methadone on his person may have been the reason he was arrested. Edwards' parents are both deceased, and shortly after he and his girlfriend left, their apartment building was destroyed in a fire.

I'm hoping that with the article's publication, more people will be made aware of the situation and offer to help out. In the meantime, Jimmy Bower, another well-known local Nola musician is assisting with Edwards' legal defense. Eyehategod's website is taking donations, and all the money raised in the merch sales will also go to helping Edwards. is accepting donations for a burial fund for Rambo. Both links have been added to my list. You can also go to Mixed Nuts for additional info and John's post about the Nola music scene.

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