Sunday, December 18, 2005

My Kids Are The Cutest.

Yesterday we took Fee and Bob Cat to PetsMart to buy them lots of toys and treats. We brought both of them, since we wanted to get Bob's nails trimmed before he bludgeoned someone. He had to wear one of Fee's old pink harnesses, so people thought he was a girl until we specified otherwise. The two grooming salon kids oogled over him, and as he was being held and belly-rubbed by one and clipped by another, we'd noticed that a crowd had gathered outside the big glass window to gush at my cat. Afterwards, we got a cart and put both of them in the little baby seatee, where they mostly stayed. There were a lot of people there, and there were a couple of people getting their pictures taken with Santa, and we got their pictures taken as well. It's a rarity to see a cat in PetsMart that has a loving home (a former coworker who moonlighted there told me horror stories about people abandoning cats there), and people were coming up to see Fee and Bob both. We bought them some toys for Christmas and all in all, it was a fun family outing.

What the PetSmart employee told you (about people abandoning their cats) is a very real thing. Actually, it's been going on since well before specialty pet goods shops showed up. Lots of people will get a kitten without even thinking about the facts that (a) they grow up, and (b) they have some special needs/cares that differ from other animals.
Of course, any people who are so thoughtless about their own pets are also not fit to raise human children, IMHO.
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