Monday, February 28, 2005

We had a really nice day, which was much needed because I was oncall this weekend, and it was really really busy. I packed away a lot of my closet, which was about 60% of my packing. Awesome. Now, time for Monday Night Raw.

The office is closed today because of snow and ice, so I am here, and a happy little bichon is snuggled next to me, unaware that our day involves packing boxes. But for right now, it's just so friggin comfy. Ooh, a biography of Eva Peron. Fascinating. I'll watch for a little while.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oh my gawd.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Well, if you've read John's blog, you've heard that a member of Korn found Jesus (funny, I didn't know He was lost...) and quit the band, and that Korn fans around the world have proclaimed it "sad." I have to agree with my fiancee that this is not necessarily a sad event. We discussed a panel of experts (namely Sajji and Ed, and Pamela and her friend Chris) and we came up with a little game known to us as "Sad Is..." The purpose of the game is to name truly sad events in rock-n-roll, such as Pamela's brilliant observations:
Sad Is...when the pyro at your gig catches the roof of the venue on fire, and over 80 people burn to death (Great White)
Sad Is..when Michael Jackson describes YOU as weird. (LaToya Jackson- no not really!)

So, here are my two cents:

SAD IS...when the groupie you diddled in the 70's, now a pop-culture icon, pens a tell-all book of her escapades and reveals the shortcomings of, um, your endowments. (Actually, this one is fabricated, although groupie icon Pamela Des Barres had wonderful things to say about Jimmy Page's endowments.)

SAD IS...that you rocked hard in the 70s and 80s, did every drug known to man and beast, only to sober up in the 90s, have a career of power ballads and are sharing the stage with f-ckin' N Sync at the Super Bowl halftime show.

SAD IS...that the next year, you're the PRE-GAME SHOW. (Both Aerosmith)

SAD have bubbles as an ornament at your concert. (ozzy Osbourne)

SAD of your hardest bad-ass songs is covered by Celine Dion. (AC/DC)

SAD IS...your songs suck when you're clean. (The Bangles)

SAD IS...your fan base flounders when your band gets haircuts. (Metallica)

SAD're a live fast, die young poster boy, yet you're still alive 30 years later, still touring. (Keith Richards)

SAD IS...that your band breaks up over your independent minded, intelligent, artist wife, who the rest of the band thinks is a shrew. (The Beatles)

SAD IS...your female lead singer has kids with at least two male band members. (Jefferson Airplane/Starship)

SAD IS...You have to rename your band as the decades progress. (again, Jefferson Airplane/Starship)

SAD IS...your latest video is apologizing to your kids that their mother was a former drug addict and was someone to be ashamed of. (Eminem)

SAD IS...the "little person" who was your sidekick onstage dies of natural causes. (Kid Rock- R.I.P Little Joe)

SAD won a Grammy despite the fact that you didn't really sing on the entire album. (Milli Vanilli)

SAD IS...your band really CAN sing and play instruments, just that the television producers won't let you. (The Monkees)

SAD spent the equivalent of a GPA of a third world country to buy your dream mansion, only to go bankrupt, forcing the IRS to confiscade "HammerLand." (MC Hammer).

SAD IS...many animals have died as a result of your concerts (Alice Cooper, Ozzy again).

SAD IS...your wife, then your daughter, is your dancer onstage. (Alice Cooper again)

SAD're the daughter of a rock-n-roll icon, yet you have to cover a Madonna song to get played on MTV. (Kelly Osbourne)

SAD're probably one of the most talented, prolific, and over all coolest guitarists in the world, yet many doofuses only recognize you from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." (Zakk Wylde)

This is fun.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Right on!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Whoot. Tonight, the amazing Pay-Per-View of WWE Smackdown's No Way Out. Big Show vs. JBL in a steel cage with barbwire match. John and I are fixing cinnamon rolls.

This weekend, we did a lot for the house. I moved my bookcase, and organized all my books. Although it's nice to be in the house, and every weekend of labor brings me a step closer to forever living with John, which the mere thought of I absolutely adore, I'm convinced that I need help. So loyal corner readers, spread the word, we need big strong people who wouldn't mind being paid in pizza to help out. I'm thinking in the next couple of weeks. Just comment here or write to me if you think you can help. Thank you!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Daredevil in a nutshell (no, not one of my favorites)
DISCLAMER: My review is most likely as offensive as this movie was:

Kid Daredevil grows up in Hell's Kitchen, has a boxer dad, and while one day visiting said dad at work, has an accident where gunk is sprayed into his eyes, Kid Daredevil goes blind, has tearful Hallmark Network scene with dad on devastating blindness, then life goes on. While waiting for dad after a fight, kid is privy to hearing thugs beat the bejesus outta his dad, killing him. Skip ahead, skip ahead, kid has grown into Ben Affleck, is now a blind lawyer hunk with superpowers who hangs around with Jon Favereau, then cut to Colin Ferrell as Drunken Irish Villian Dude, Colin Ferrell gets on a plane, chokes a nice old lady who was talking his ear off during the flight (so not funny), Ben meets Jennifer Garner, she attempts to kick his ass, then he makes it rain on them, they make out, then everyone goes to a party where Ben looks fine, Favreau talks a lot, Joe Panteliano plays the same guy from Hoboken he plays in every movie (Fuck you Sinatra!) disses them, and Garner shows up in a dress that puts her chenubees on full display, and they dance (Ben and Garner dance, not the chenubees...sorry horny teen boys. :D) . A guy drives a motorcycle, they tell a story about Garner's mom getting killed (there is more parenticide than in Bambi and Fox and The Hound combined!), dude on motorcycle swerves in and out of traffic, avoiding cabs. He stand up on the motorcycle and throws something at a car full of insignificant dudes that goes through the windshield and cuts the throat of the driver. Yuck. Guy on motorcycle falls off, has face off with Colin Ferrell, who throws a baton which spears Garner's father bullseye in the chest (Run Bambi, run!) Garner gets her Golden Globe scene as she sobs over the corpse of her dad. Ben is frustrated, so he trashes his room and howls in anguish (HIS Golden Globe moment). Coolio portrays the stereotypical African American in every movie. Sad vagina music over the scene of Garner's daddy's funeral. Ben and Garner talk to each other like an Eternity ad. John says that the director's cut edited out the sex scene that made it into theaters; it's been deemed "unnecessary" (yeah, it's okay to snuff the supporting cast to skeleton crew status, but free love is deemed "unnecessary"). More rain. I can't believe how big and puffy Garner's lips are. Some guy with a pacemaker gets in a car with Daredevil Ben and lets him know there are guys willing to make him into nachos. Favreau flirts with his receptionist, who looks like Carmen Electra- and she points out something crucial to the plot. Luckly, Kevin Smith comes by and plays a coroner with funny glasses- his character's name is Jack Kirby, named after the great Marvel man. Kevin Smith is a great friggin actor. He deserves the Golden Globe! More vagina music as Garner does her Lara Croft training impersonation. Some guy intrudes (voyerism??) and she goes Matrix on him, surprise, it's Daredevil Ben, and I think this means she has to go and fight Colin Ferrell and they do the "Stay Alive!" scene from Last of The Mohicains (fuck you and your left foot, Day-Lewis!) while still talking the Eternity ad lingo. Fight scene, fight scene, fight scene. Garner gets snuffed. Ben's pissed, so Colin Ferrell gets stigmata on his fine foxy hands before getting every bone broken in his hot bod, then there's a showdown between Ben and Michael Clarke Duncan as Pulp Fiction's Marcellus Wallace (fuck you, Tarantino!)who, after all that, Ben just walks away, allowing the police to apprehend the villian. Violence doesn't discriminate. It sneaks up on you, kicks you in the crotch. Animal cruety alert- Colin kills a fly. Bad cinema! Ben spouts off some prose-y tripe about how he watches in the darkness, a guardian devil in a strangely feminine outfit. Ben and Garner Resurrected and Daredevil go on to become the next Bennifer in real life. Garner gets her own comic snuff film that tanks equally. Credits roll.

John says I gotta give props because this kept it real- gritty and dark, not the Titanic with tights and capes like a sappy love story, unlike another comic movie that shall remain nameless (Fuck you, Tobey!) And Kevin Smith is fun in his cameo. And Colin Ferrell, well, he's friggin adorable despite being Drunken Irish Villian Dude. BUT WHY THE FUDGIN FART DO YOU LET THE VILLIAN JUST WALK THE FUDGIN FART AWAY??? Um, I thought superheroes didn't need the fuzz? In fact, I think the reason why they crop up in a cit-ay is because the villian is so bad ass that the cops are overpowered? Why reward the failures? Are we concerned about the cops self-esteem? No! After killin and killin and killin, we are just let down with, "hey man, you better not leave this room, because the police are coming, and even though I have immortal superpowers that could melt your face and cause you agonizing pain, but instead, I'm gonna let the cops come in and handcuff you! Take that, evildoer!

So yeah, not my favorite. But, maybe you'll like it.

We are chillin' tonight, just watching Daredevil, preparing to move some more stuff tomorrow to the Brandermill House. `Things are coming along nicely, although slowly.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

We have a wedding blog. It's called Floyd Loves Janice.

Congrats to Carly, the German Short-Haired Pointer, for winning Best In Show at Westminister!

Work has gotten better.

More later.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Tonight, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! We of course are rooting for the Bichon, which, according to the commentators, is the offspring of J.R., the Best in Show winner of 2001, who is most famous for "clapping" his paws.

We're flipping back and forth between that and our Monday night drug, WWE Raw. Tonight, Edge is taking on Batista. Chris Jericho is on now, and he just said the word "penises." Funny.

This weekend found us back at John's, where we discussed Star Wars, cleaned the upstairs, hung pictures, and watched Beyond The Mat and Megadeath: Behind The Music. Then we went to Nanny's for dinner. My cousin does a dead on impression of Napoleon Dynamite. Tonight, I packed up my books, and tomorrow, I'm going to drop them off at John's. This weekend my dad is bringing over my bookcase and my reclining chair, and we're going to tackle John's closet, and put plywood down in the attic and move some of the boxes up there. Next weekend, John's parents are coming up from N.C. and they are going to take down the iron bed that dominates the guest room, making room for the waterbed. Once the waterbed is moved in, we're officially moved in. We're just waiting approval for FiFi's fence, and then, once that is built, we're officially done with Phase 1: Get house ready.

We've been told by the wedding coordinator at St. Bridget's that we've been penciled in for the date we've requested, April 22, 2006, so, with that, we're going to start a co-blog detailing our wedding/marriage shenannigans. It's probably going up in another couple of days or so, we'll let you know more details as they become available.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Work has sucked this past week, because corporate is telling Lurraine that her team isn't working hard enough, and that we're now a disappointment rather than the flagship that we were when our patient census was 70. Unfortuately, the powers that be tend to be more bullying and manipulative in terms of trying to motivate. For some, I think it may work. For others, like me, it's rather ineffective. I tend to ignore it, and try not to let it bug me. Unfortunately, the tension can be crippling. I'll think about it more tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Today is Mardi Gras. Translation: Fat Tuesday. I am celebrating by eating all things fat(tening). Since frugality, simplicity and reform reign surpreme during Lent, I figure an all out piggyfest on forbidden foods will be my Mardi Gras celebration. Such as Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which I am going to get as soon as I finish typing.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

This weekend I painted my kitchen. All in all it was a lot less traumatic than the dining room, I did a bit more prep work in securing the floors and the borders so paint wouldn't get on it. Some paint managed to sneak by, but not much, not that some steel wool won't take care of. The walls are Cinderella Ball Gown blue, the cabinets are an eggshell color (the original paint) and then I took a can of spray paint and painted the border above the cabinets a bright red (red is my favorite color...I gotta put it somewhere!) So now it looks like the French flag, sort of. I put up a shelf that will showcase most of John's female action figures, as well as some of my knickknacks, some cookbooks, and whatever just feels right in there. Some of the pictures I want to hang include the painting I won at this year's Freedom House benefit, as well as the miniposter I have of the Effel Tower, and my faux prints of a couple of Degas and Renoir pictures, and of course, showcasing the best breed of dog ever, the Bichon Frise!

John and I had a lovely weekend also, having breakfast at the table, entertaining friends, and just being together. It makes me very happy being at that little house with him, and with FiFi, although we still have some work to do to puppy-proof the house before she can totally feel at home and we don't have to worry about her chewing priceless action figures or worse, something toxic.

Afterwards, we stopped off at Toys R' Us, where we purchased Smackdown vs. Raw, the ultimate WWE Playstation game. You have the option of creating your own wrestler, which John is doing now, to the strains of Public Enemy/Anthrax's "Bring The Noise"
The wrestler can be any pigment you want, and can wear any type of ring attire of any shape or color (including lingerie for the male wrestlers). I suggested making the wrestler big and purple and calling it The Grimace, which John loved, but this wrestler he's creating is more of a big dumb redneck type with a scary metal mask and a wifebeater undershirt- he's a prototype of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's ally Casey Jones. I think I'll be less original and stick with Edge.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Well, the second season of Taxi is out on DVD. John and I are highly amused. However, we are also highly amused by a can of silly putty known as "The Flarp" that when you press down on it makes fart noises. That's not to take anything from Taxi, which has been very funny. This season, Christopher Lloyd joins the cast as Rev. Jim. This season has a bit more funk to it, which has me believe that disco was very popular the year it was originally broadcast ('79-80, per the box). Louie is a bit more of a heel than last year, and Elaine's a bit more of a hoochie mama, wearing low-cut tops and jiving on tables, but I just think Marilu Henner plays her off as a funny, goofy, sexy girl. Latka is a bit more low-key, but he speaks a lot more English this season than last, and he's regarded more as one of the guys rather than the manchild he was last year. Judd Hirsch remains excellent. The season opener when he confronts his estranged ailing father is sweet without going over the top with cheese and cliche. His delivery is great, and he's a damn good actor. The only I have to complain about is that Tony's IQ has apparently dropped a few IQ points.

Yesterday I got a copy of the book Adam Copeland On Edge, which is about our favorite wrestler on the active WWE Raw Roster, Edge, who is played by, you guessed it, Adam Copeland. John's reading it first, since I am still reading a book called The Hitched Chick's Guide To Marriage, which is a how-to book about modern marriage. But that is a different story for a different blog (stay tuned for details on that). Adam Copeland is really a fun guy, most likely the type of guy John and I with whom would hang out- loves wrestling, comic books, was big geek in high school, etc. Basically the stories of our lives. John's engrossed in it, and he'll chuckle and share snippets with me from time to time. Copeland is funny, descriptive, and laid-back. Awesome. Next week Edge faces Triple H for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. We're still holding out hope the story line goes in his favor and he'll get the belt.

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