Monday, February 14, 2005

Tonight, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! We of course are rooting for the Bichon, which, according to the commentators, is the offspring of J.R., the Best in Show winner of 2001, who is most famous for "clapping" his paws.

We're flipping back and forth between that and our Monday night drug, WWE Raw. Tonight, Edge is taking on Batista. Chris Jericho is on now, and he just said the word "penises." Funny.

This weekend found us back at John's, where we discussed Star Wars, cleaned the upstairs, hung pictures, and watched Beyond The Mat and Megadeath: Behind The Music. Then we went to Nanny's for dinner. My cousin does a dead on impression of Napoleon Dynamite. Tonight, I packed up my books, and tomorrow, I'm going to drop them off at John's. This weekend my dad is bringing over my bookcase and my reclining chair, and we're going to tackle John's closet, and put plywood down in the attic and move some of the boxes up there. Next weekend, John's parents are coming up from N.C. and they are going to take down the iron bed that dominates the guest room, making room for the waterbed. Once the waterbed is moved in, we're officially moved in. We're just waiting approval for FiFi's fence, and then, once that is built, we're officially done with Phase 1: Get house ready.

We've been told by the wedding coordinator at St. Bridget's that we've been penciled in for the date we've requested, April 22, 2006, so, with that, we're going to start a co-blog detailing our wedding/marriage shenannigans. It's probably going up in another couple of days or so, we'll let you know more details as they become available.

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