Wednesday, April 28, 2004

All is so blissful here at the Corner. Mr. Big and I just got the limited edition of Wrestlemania XX DVD, complete with special features. (To all those boys out there who read this...yes; I am a HUGE wresting fan. Always have been. And always will be. Eat your heart out. And no, I didn't watch it simply because the Rock is f*cking hot. I was a true fan long before. Besides, I think Chris Benoit is hotter than the Rock, any day.) It's a kick-ass DVD: along with the actual complete pay-per-view event, there are extra matches, and some specials, including the top 10 matches of all time. Good times.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

I'm thinking the moon must be doing something groovy, because I am reeeaaally mellow, despite being on-call. I am one with the tides, baby. I can't help that it also maybe because the dog is cool, and I am blissfully in love with a man who really understands me and allows me to embrace my true self, and we have a blast together. Also because the weather has been sunny and warm all this week.

Whatever it is, I am riding the vibe as long as I can.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

I'm really proud of FiFi. We've been training every day, Ms. Pat praised her improvement last night, and people are coming up to me and remarking on how well-behaved she is now. This is so different from the last class we did.

I'm still overjoyed with Big. We've been talking about making more changes in our life together. When the time is right, we're both hoping to turn ideas into reality.

Job is good, really really busy, but at the same time, more people are being hired, which is awesome, not only because it helps decrease our stress, but also because I get to help orient people. One of which is Heather, a girl I used to work with. Teaching is actually fun.

On-call again this weekend. Can't wait til all these trainees can help out with that!

Friday, April 16, 2004

Tension headaches suck.

Off this weekend. Am getting a massage, spending quality time with Big, and FiFi and I are going to train, train, train.

Monday, April 12, 2004

FiFi and I are hellatired. All this rain has made me sleepy, and of course it doesn't help that today I saw 7 patients! My head is ready to explode.

Big and I have been very into documentaries lately. Last night we rented and watched Spellbound, which follows 8 kids as they go to the National Spelling Bee in D.C. It was really interesting to see kids from different walks of life and backgrounds come together, compete politely and achieve. And these little kids are brilliant. Rent it.

More reviews to follow when my head feels better.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Ahh. It's been so nice not working for two whole days. I've been engrossed in Love And Death, which is the new book that questions Courtney Love's involvement in the death of Kurt Cobain. I have always been a fan of Courtney, less so of Kurt, but it was a pretty interesting read. A lot of the evidence is circumstantial, but it doesn't come off as some insanely unrealistic conspiracy theory book either. They never really say that Courtney murdered Kurt, but that she has a lot of 'splaining to do.

The new book has not stopped me from buying a copy of America's Sweetheart, Love's new CD. It sounds a lot more mature than Live Through This, and since I never really listened to Celebrity Skin, I can't really say if it's the best CD she's ever done, but it's still not bad.

For her first birthday, since that computes to about age 7 in human years, I wanted to do something for Fee. I orginally wanted to give her a goldfish, so that she could have her very own pet, but goldfish have a lifespan of say, 3 hours, and it would have been traumatic for us to go to Petsmart, pick out this fish, name him (FiFi wanted to call him Gary. Don't ask me why.) and then have to bury him soon. Plus I wasn't sure if Fee wasn't gonna try to eat him anyway. So we've decided to take a different approach to us becoming involved in marine wildlife. In Florida, we learned that we could go online and adopt/sponsor a manatee. For $35 we could pick out a manatee, get a T-shirt, and have it's picture as well as email updates sent to us. Fee still wanted to call the manatee Gary. We looked at a few profiles, and we decided that a manatee named Howie would be our first choice. We're sending the paperwork in this week, so wish us luck.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

These people deserve a severe PETA smackdown. Too bad most of the PETA members are kinda scrawny looking. PETA needs to recruit big militant jocky thug-types.

It's really interesting to me that most self-proclaimed Christian types seem to enjoy and condone violence- many of them are pro-war, willing to blow up women's health clinics, and pull stunts like these. And they always say they do it for "Jee-sus" These people are allowed to procreate, and pass their bloodthirsty genes onto their offspring. Got news for ya folks: The great J.C. ALWAYS preached peace, tolerance, and love. Look it up. So folks, you really need to ask yourselves before you scourge that bunny...What, pray tell (pardon the pun), would Jesus do?

Any who disagree, send your hatemail, kiss my ass, God bless, and have a nice day.

Friday, April 02, 2004

I don't think I've stopped working since Monday. And this weekend I am on-call, again. Can't complain, it's an extra $275 dollars.

Last night went to the pub, and it was good.

Tonight, hanging out with FiFi, who has done really well with her training.

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