Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Work has kicked my arse. The past week has been stressful. We've had a lot of drama coming from a certain person who we work with who likes to stir up trouble. Specifically, this person's game is to attempt to pit the nurses against each other, to set them up to make them look bad in front of the patients and their families, so that this person can come in and "save the day." This person tried to split Cindy and I against each other. Luckly, both of us are hip to her game, and we didn't fall into the trap. I ended up writing a formal letter, per Lurraine's request. I didn't really like the letter. Usually when I complain, I try to offer a solution so that the person I am complaining to and/or about and I can compromise and communicate and improve the situation. This situation really has no solution, so the letter was rather bitchy-sounding, but I think it helped get the point across that this person is manipulative and may not have the best intentions. Lurraine says that this person will not be a member of the team much longer, so we can put this behind us and move on.

While I've been working, my friends have been doing groovy things, like writing books. I know Marian's mentioned writing a lot lately, and my other friend Andrew has an e-novel drafted and he is brave enough to share it with all who care to read. It's really good so far- he paints really detailed imagery, and his characters are sympathetic- those are two "must-haves" for me to enjoy a story. I've linked it to the right. Also new is Fun Bahead Girl Lisa's live journal (so sorry it took me so long to find you, dah-ling!)

Also, FiFi is doing really well with her training. Not only does she do most of the stuff on the leash competently, she's doing more and more skills off the leash as well. Big noticed the other day when she was running around the yard that she would stop and stay on command and now allows both of us to walk toward her and pick her up. She was never doing that before. Although I'm really really happy for Big that he's found this great new job, I can't help but think that one of the downsides to a nine-to-five existance again takes away his one-on-one time with the Fee during the day. They've really bonded over the past few months, and it's fun to watch.

Monday, May 10, 2004

FiFi and I saved $150 from when I gave up alcohol for Lent. We sent a letter and a check to the Bichon Rescue. We also finally got on the ball and filled out the forms to adopt Howie the Manatee! Needless to say, we're feeling a lot of warm fuzzies as a result. We've included new links so that others can find out more info on how to help animals.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Until this evening, I was at a loss for what do to for Mom on Mother's Day. Call me a procrastinator, but I feel that the pressure of a deadline breeds creativity that planning simply cannot.

Usually my mom is, instead of the woman who has everything, she is the woman who needs nothing. She absolutely hates clutter, and frou-frou universal knicknacks and generic mushy mini-books found in the "inspiration" section of B&N don't really define our relationship. Most of the time I end up getting her a gift certificate, and this year I was thinking of the Massage Therapy and Wellness Center that we both frequent, but I effed up and the place was closed before I could get one. Plus, the last time she got a gift certificate for a free massage, she gave it to me.

So I had to think really hard as to what to do for this annual celebration of the woman who gave me life, put up with many hours of excrutiating labor pains, dragged me crying and vomiting to nursery school, worked backstage through many many many dance recitals, Christmas Concerts, school plays, field trips to boring Richmond Landmarks. The woman who watched me graduate not once, not twice, but approximately four times (Kindergarden, Eighth grade, high school, nursing school), who always kicked my butt when I needed it, who sat and held me and cried with me when my ex-fiancee cheated on me and I was broken. And I thought, what does this woman really love about me? The answer came quickly: my dog.

Her granddog, more like it. The Fee.

It was Mom's idea to get FiFi in the first place. Last July, after I ended my toxic engagement, I was lamenting on how much I was missing my ex-cat. My mom, being the stout dog person that she is, suggested a bichon for it's low-energy and even temper. That weekend, an ad appeared in the Times-Disgrace for a 4 month old bichon female was advertised. Mom went first, and then took me to see her. The small mop that greeted me at the door didn't blow me away at first. I remember she didn't come when I patted the floor, which is what an Ideal Pup should do, according to Good Morning America.The lady who had bred her was already calling her FiFi, so I figured that it'd be wrong to change a name she was already used to, it might give her an identity crisis. Anyway, I needed time to think about it, and after purchasing a Big Book Of Bichons and conferring with a panel (Tim, our chaplain, and my aunt Karen, who both basically said, "AWWW!" when they saw the bichon pictures in the book, I figured that this dog and I were destined to be together. Well, I was at least 85% sure. I'd already picked out a nickname: Feeferdog. The lady said she needed an official name for her certification papers. I chose Florence Chanel Carrie Bradshaw Smith. Florence for Florence Nightingale (also began with an "F" and could be shortened to FiFi), Chanel in reference to the fragrance, and because I thought it sounded sophisticated and French, and Carrie Bradshaw for the heroine of Sex and The City, which was basically my favorite show that I really identified with at that time (single gal with new hopes in store, yadda, yadda, yadda). I plunked down a large sum of money, thanked the lady, scooped up my wiggling, licking new responsibility, and walked into a new phase of my life.

I loved her, but my mom adored her. Mom walks her each day at lunch. She takes her to Petsmart, lavishing her with toys that make sounds so funny that Big and I are amused for hours. She buys Greenies, Vita-gravy, Snausages, Livertreats, Rawhidees, Beggin' Strips. She forks over a ridiculous amount of money each month so a woman known as Aunt Susan will clip, shave, groom and attach multi-colored bows to FiFi's ears and tush, and refuses when I offer to pay her back. She sneaked FiFi into the church office where she works on Take Your Granddog To Work Day. She bought Fee a crate so big a mastiff would call it a mansion. Most recently, she and my Dad have offered to take FiFi camping again, just the three of them, for a weekend.

Hence, the point of my story. I decided that, to thank my Mom for being my Mom, I would give her something practical yet sentimental. After spending about 1/4 of my paycheck at Target and Petsmart, I put together Mom's present: FiFi's Travel Case. It's a black International Traveler tolietry bag filled with the essentials a dog would need while traveling with her grandparents in an RV: brush, comb, puppy wet-naps, puppy bug repellant, organic spot and stain remover, baby-powder scented doggy cologne called "Baby Dog," and finally, a veterinary first aid kit, complete with essential supplies to deal with whatever doggy trauma life may throw at you. I also threw in a gift card to Petsmart from me.

Needless to say, Mom loved it when FiFi gave it to her tonight. And FiFi realizes what a lucky dog she is.

Happy Mother's Day.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Life is really good right now. Things are really busy at work, but not too overwhelming. Right now FiFi and I are watching Monday Night Raw and while FiFi gnaws on her favorite rawhide bone, I am sipping apple cinamon herbal tea. Earlier, Big and I had dinner together at Short Pump Mall, while he was on his lunch hour. Afterwards, we shopped at Suncoast; I found a funky puzzle featuring The Muppets, and we bought some candy for dessert. I remember not wanting to let go of his hand, even when he had his silly little green work vest on, ready to come back from break. He comes home in about a half and hour and I can't wait.

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