Thursday, April 08, 2004

These people deserve a severe PETA smackdown. Too bad most of the PETA members are kinda scrawny looking. PETA needs to recruit big militant jocky thug-types.

It's really interesting to me that most self-proclaimed Christian types seem to enjoy and condone violence- many of them are pro-war, willing to blow up women's health clinics, and pull stunts like these. And they always say they do it for "Jee-sus" These people are allowed to procreate, and pass their bloodthirsty genes onto their offspring. Got news for ya folks: The great J.C. ALWAYS preached peace, tolerance, and love. Look it up. So folks, you really need to ask yourselves before you scourge that bunny...What, pray tell (pardon the pun), would Jesus do?

Any who disagree, send your hatemail, kiss my ass, God bless, and have a nice day.

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