Sunday, February 06, 2005

This weekend I painted my kitchen. All in all it was a lot less traumatic than the dining room, I did a bit more prep work in securing the floors and the borders so paint wouldn't get on it. Some paint managed to sneak by, but not much, not that some steel wool won't take care of. The walls are Cinderella Ball Gown blue, the cabinets are an eggshell color (the original paint) and then I took a can of spray paint and painted the border above the cabinets a bright red (red is my favorite color...I gotta put it somewhere!) So now it looks like the French flag, sort of. I put up a shelf that will showcase most of John's female action figures, as well as some of my knickknacks, some cookbooks, and whatever just feels right in there. Some of the pictures I want to hang include the painting I won at this year's Freedom House benefit, as well as the miniposter I have of the Effel Tower, and my faux prints of a couple of Degas and Renoir pictures, and of course, showcasing the best breed of dog ever, the Bichon Frise!

John and I had a lovely weekend also, having breakfast at the table, entertaining friends, and just being together. It makes me very happy being at that little house with him, and with FiFi, although we still have some work to do to puppy-proof the house before she can totally feel at home and we don't have to worry about her chewing priceless action figures or worse, something toxic.

Afterwards, we stopped off at Toys R' Us, where we purchased Smackdown vs. Raw, the ultimate WWE Playstation game. You have the option of creating your own wrestler, which John is doing now, to the strains of Public Enemy/Anthrax's "Bring The Noise"
The wrestler can be any pigment you want, and can wear any type of ring attire of any shape or color (including lingerie for the male wrestlers). I suggested making the wrestler big and purple and calling it The Grimace, which John loved, but this wrestler he's creating is more of a big dumb redneck type with a scary metal mask and a wifebeater undershirt- he's a prototype of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's ally Casey Jones. I think I'll be less original and stick with Edge.

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