Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Well, the second season of Taxi is out on DVD. John and I are highly amused. However, we are also highly amused by a can of silly putty known as "The Flarp" that when you press down on it makes fart noises. That's not to take anything from Taxi, which has been very funny. This season, Christopher Lloyd joins the cast as Rev. Jim. This season has a bit more funk to it, which has me believe that disco was very popular the year it was originally broadcast ('79-80, per the box). Louie is a bit more of a heel than last year, and Elaine's a bit more of a hoochie mama, wearing low-cut tops and jiving on tables, but I just think Marilu Henner plays her off as a funny, goofy, sexy girl. Latka is a bit more low-key, but he speaks a lot more English this season than last, and he's regarded more as one of the guys rather than the manchild he was last year. Judd Hirsch remains excellent. The season opener when he confronts his estranged ailing father is sweet without going over the top with cheese and cliche. His delivery is great, and he's a damn good actor. The only I have to complain about is that Tony's IQ has apparently dropped a few IQ points.

Yesterday I got a copy of the book Adam Copeland On Edge, which is about our favorite wrestler on the active WWE Raw Roster, Edge, who is played by, you guessed it, Adam Copeland. John's reading it first, since I am still reading a book called The Hitched Chick's Guide To Marriage, which is a how-to book about modern marriage. But that is a different story for a different blog (stay tuned for details on that). Adam Copeland is really a fun guy, most likely the type of guy John and I with whom would hang out- loves wrestling, comic books, was big geek in high school, etc. Basically the stories of our lives. John's engrossed in it, and he'll chuckle and share snippets with me from time to time. Copeland is funny, descriptive, and laid-back. Awesome. Next week Edge faces Triple H for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. We're still holding out hope the story line goes in his favor and he'll get the belt.

Hey Jenn,

I won't be at the pub tonight. Chris has a fever and is sick. So . . . I won't be able to bring your wedding reception info until next Thursday. However, you can go to, which pretty much has everything anyway. Let me know if I can help at all!

:-) jen
Hey, no prob. Thanks for the info, and I hope Chris feels better!

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