Wednesday, June 26, 2002

After my chocolate bread pudding, I finished the bottle of Black Dog, and got a bit didn't get better after I found a bottle of Rasberry Zinfindel in my fridge. I chatted with Marian and Karelle a bit, mostly about boys, and lack thereof, and then sent the Better Half a spicy email. He was at the library tutoring at the time, and he said he was very happily suprised when he read it, but was glad the kid he was tutoring was not standing nearby.

Today was grand! When I have days off during the week, I try to make the best of it. Since most everyone I know is at work, it is basically my time to myself. I slept late til about 8:30, then went to Barnes and Noble to get started on my summer reading. I got Martha Inc: The Incredible Story of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and the audio version of The Nanny Diaries, read by a very fabulous Julia Roberts (a fellow knitter), which I have been enjoying in the car as I commute back and forth. Martha Stewart facinates me, and I have to say I have to admire both her and Sharon Osbourne for their moxie and their determination. I also got a caramel frappuchino and a piece of coffee cake. After a brief stop by Sister Diane's office to drop off my stuff for World Youth Day (the Better Half will be so proud of me!) I went to Face Works Day Spa, for my special birthday present to myself, a full body massage and a pedicure. My massage therapist, Erin, worked on the knots in my scapular region (it's where all my stress goes). Afterwards, I was sooooo relaxed. My nail tech, Julianna, was bubbly and bright, and kept me entertained with stories of her native Colombia, how much she wants to bring her daughter to the U.S. and how cute her dogs are. I liked her immediately, and tried to tip as best I could, so the reunion between her and her daughter would happen sooner. RIght now, I am home, debating what to make for lunch. I had originally planned to go over to the Better Half's house to take Chessie outside and work on a tan, but ever since I got inside my place with the cool air conditioner, it proved too tempting to stay put. Soon I will venture out and go to the grocery store.

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