Sunday, June 09, 2002

Ahh. Home again. Yes, BBurg was fun, however, last night there was a short lived but volatile incident at my sister's party involving some guys with apparently too much booze on board and not enough intelligence. It also leads me to believe that they were small in other places South of the Border. However, my Better Half helped represent, and along with my sister's friends Nick and Matt, things got under control fairly quickly without a fight. Johnny operated the door, and everytime someone went out, he would lock the door behind them. Later on, they laughed it off, and raised their glasses and toasted "To high drama!" They cope for me, I think I'll stick to West Wing if I want high drama. And someone spilled a pink concoction all over my issue of Cosmo. Bastards!

Man, those kids have stamina. I don't want to be up at 4 am unless I am being paid and someone needs a transfusion. They don't sleep. It's not natural. As a card carrying member of The Sleep Fan Club, I just don't understand it. I get less than 6 hours and I am a bear! Luckly, by the time the mess started happening, I was snuggled in bed and didn't hear much of all the foolishness. As I said, I let my Better Half deal with it...he's much better at it anyway. :)

Also, this weekend I reconnected with an old friend- the swimming pool adjacent to my sister's apartment had a lap lane! I was sucking wind after 75 meters, something I would do in seconds without so much as a second glance back in my prime. But I felt great, and it made me wanna get back at the pool. The Better Half has challenged me to use the pool at the gym at work. We can use it together, since he takes classes at the academic campus, and I work on the medical campus, so we're both eligible for membership.

More later...tonight is a benefit for one of my patients...a musician. There will be bands playing, and free food. He told us staff we could get in for free. I plan to stay only a few hours...I need sleep!

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