Thursday, June 13, 2002

Eeewww!!! Tonight at ROT as I turned to leave, this drunk guy tried to grab me! I got loose, and then as I was walking out, he followed me out to the parking lot! Ugh! Well, anyway, I went with my gut, turned around, and headed back toward the bar, where the Better Half and my friend Big John (he really is big- 6'1, 200 plus) were seated, and asked the Better Half to walk me to my car. I made the mistake however, of turning my back on the drunk, because as I did, I felt something on my shoulder...either this guy has the sweatiest, clammiest most jello-esque hands in the world or...shudder, he either kissed or licked my shoulder. I passed this info onto the Better Half, who's Italian response was, "I'll have to sit down and have a talk with this guy." Grant it, the Better Half had just won his softball game and was a little tipsy in celebration; he jokingly mentioned that he had enough to feel somewhat aggressive. I asked him not to worry about it...I have a bad feeling that this drunky will start something in the bar, as drunk as he was, plus, he did reach out and his hand brushed Alisuin's, the waitresses, backside. Alisuin is married to Martin, one of the bartenders, who would gladly put a foot into someone's rectum area if they so much as curled their lip at his wife. Stay tuned folks, and I will try to beat it out of my Better Half if anything happened.

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