Wednesday, June 19, 2002

I am in a bad mood. I am shoving brownies in my face, and frankly, it is rather grotesque. :) It stems from the fact that my Better Half and I haven't been able to spend a whole lot of time together recently. Unfortunately, I was falling asleep when he came in, around 10 pm. He took the pot of penne pasta from the fridge, made himself a plate and ate it in the dark as not to disturb me. He is very courteous. They don't make men better than him. That doesn't mean that things are perfect. That is unrealistic, because as humans, we're not perfect. Every relationship has its issues, in the case of me and The Better Half, a lot of times we don't get to spend enough time together, due to conflicting schedules. Not that I blame him solely...I have to say that most of the time work comes first in my life...the Better Half totally respects and supports that. But we both get lonely when the other is away for long periods of time. It is something we both have to work on, and have to accept. Hopefully, we will be able to talk later on.

Okay..time to put down the brownies. Well...maybe one more. :)

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