Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I am loving The Nanny Diaries! It has really turned me off to being rich, as well as subjecting a child to neurosis. The two women who wrote it are former nannies from New York. I have a feeling that most of this so-called satire is not entirely ficticious. Hey Marian, you need to read this!

This afternoon, I made Chicken Paprika, from the Susan Powter cookbook. I have enough left over for dinner, and hopefully, the Better Half will find it tasty as well. Even though I can't stand that whole Stop The Insanity thing now, I really like the recipes. They are quick, simple and easy...if I can do it, anyone can!

Right now, Chessie has decided that it is too hot to go outside. It is overcast, and according to my friend, Big John, who works in the fan, we're in for a downpour. She is now sitting nearby, listening to The Nanny Diaries with me. The Better Half just sent me a very sweet email. I gotta run now, get his anniversary present.

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