Sunday, June 09, 2002

Just got home from the was so wonderful. People can be so cool. The whole thing, cover and drinks go to the guy's family. It was standing room only, and people were buying drinks left and right. I got to see the family too. They thanked me for the care I gave their loved one. My dear friends Marian, John and Grantham showed their support. The vibe was really incredible. One of my coworkers, Barbara, left the party and had planned to visit him and tell him all about it. We decided that when he gets better, we will hear him play with his band!

Right now am watching Legally Blonde to look at Elle's hat, so I can see what kind of flowers to get to put on them. Also, because I really like the movie. :)

My parents are spending the weekend in New York City. Before they left, my mom gave me their itenerary: "We're going to 3 Yankee games and to eat."
They should be home tomorrow.

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