Thursday, June 20, 2002

Last night the Better Half and I talked. It went pretty well. He apologized and said he should have called last night. I explained how I felt like he blew me off. We resolved it. Basically, I didn't want to go to bed without resolving the issue.

Today our metro section carried a huge picture and article on Father John. It was a very complementary article, but I was amazed how thin he looked! I was so glad I sent him some brownies, maybe it'll fatten him up a bit! He came back to a full load- possibly four funerals and a weekend full of baptisms, as well as the Singles Mass tonight. My friend Veronica, who works at the church, says they haven't had a funeral in six weeks; it's not uncommon during other times, but she and I have a theory that people weren't ready to enter Eternity without Father John there to take care of them and their families.

In celebration, I found a cute retro outfit from Target- a knitting white summer sweater with a red tank top for underneath and some Mossimo capri pants. I plan to debut it tonight. To be honest, I've been critical of what I wear to the pub since the infamous incident with the drunk. Also, I feel like I want to send a more blatant vibe at the pub that says, "I'm here, with someone I love, and you can't do anything about that."

I consider myself a feminist, I read BUST, and I feel crimes against women are extremely underrated and need stiff penalties. But from what I have seen, both with my sister's altercation in Blacksburg and from my encounter with Captain Losermullet, it appears to me that, when a certain type of man becomes intoxicated and begins to start trouble, either with men or women, as a woman, you become a target. You simply cannot reason feminist principle nor use them with this type of drunk guy. You have to let another guy handle it. Most of my guy friends are very helpful in situations like these, in that they don't retaliate and they make sure the girl is okay, and in some instances, safe. My Better Half went to bat for a girl on St. Patrick's Day, who was fighting with her boyfriend, and was being grabbed and touched in a way she didn't appreciate it. I remember John saying that her sister and her dad were nearby, but he was the only one who was doing anything. That seems strange to me, as well as to many of my male coworkers that if it was their daughter, they would pound the boy's face into the pavement. I know my dad, who is a very passive man, wouldn't let anyone touch me like that happen if he was present. John was very worried for her, because she ended up going back home with him. However, our friendly bartender John says that this type of thing has happened before with this couple, and as he put it, "no one ever gets physically hurt. It's a drama you don't want to get too involved with." It really is a shame, because it's such a short life we all have. Why spend it codependent, or miserable?

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