Friday, June 07, 2002

Last night, we went to ROT to hear UB for a little while before I went to work. The crowd was really great, and as I looked around, it really did have a great Irish pub vibe to it.

I am so tired. Work has been very busy lately. I made the mistake of taking my June issue of Nursing 2002 on the unit with me. It seems that whenever I take a book/magazine/knitting with me to work, I end up so is almost jinxing me. I ran from 11 to 7 with hardly a break. All 5 of my patients needed something almost every hour. Not that I mind, the patients are so nice, so appreciative of everything, and they are so sick, their requests need to be granted.

Yesterday, Sheryl, our unit's educator nurse, told me that most everyone she has talked to has been complementary of my performance. It really made my day. It probably contributed to my sleeping 8 great hours yesterday, waking only after the thunder started, and Chessie jumped on the bed, wanting TLC and snuggling to calm her fears.

So tired, AGAIN. Tonight is my last night shift for a few weeks! Starting next Monday, I will be off my orientation period and will be a real nurse !!!

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