Saturday, June 29, 2002

Mmm. So nice to have the weekend off. Still, the Better Half had to do an evening overtime shift at his summer job. It is very nice to be alone for a bit.

I made myself a chicken casserole with a recipe from the St. Mary's School cookbook, which was delicious, and some break-n-bake chocolate chip and caramel cookies from Toll House.I must say, my latest cooking experiements have turned out really well. I also have bought my first copy of Martha Stuart Living, just doing some adjunct research, as my latest read is Martha Inc, her latest most scandalous bio.

Last night, as part of my birthday present, we had dinner at Mamma Zu, a tiny well kept secret that serves incredible Italian food. Also we went to see Lilo and Stitch, which was great. I think my friend Marian would love it! I went out and bought the Elvis-inspired soundtrack, which features Wynonna singing a cover of "Burning Love."

Tonight I got a few minutes alone with Father John. He said my brownies were great. He gave me some great advice for helping those whose loved ones die suddenly, like that man's family a few days ago. He said just to listen to them, and "let them drive the car." I missed hugging him when he was gone. Tonight, I got two hugs!

Now I think it is time for some warm cookies and milk.

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