Wednesday, June 05, 2002

My knitting has come along nicely. Right now I am working on a multishaded blue and green afghan. I just finished a blue viscose chenille blend sweater, which only now needs to be blocked for it to become wearable (also, it may help if the temp drops a couple of degrees.)

The Better Half and I went out for dinner at Bennigans. Midway through the meal, the Better Half reminded me that we are reaching our two year mark. "Two very very good years," he says. Now you know why I call him the Better Half?

Very tired. Last night was hectic. The entire night shift staff was exhausted at the end of the shift. Apparently day shift had 10 admissions, and then evening shift had to help catch up day shift, and the night shift had to catch up on whatever was left over. 2 patients needed blood transfusions, another needed IV fluids, and they all needed to have blood drawn for labs. Then to top things off, we had to stay over for an inservice, about a drug which we won't even use because our patients are too sick to receive it. I stopped by Kristy Kreme's drive thru on the way home- I deserved it.

Will post more later, after I sleep. My brain is fried.


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