Thursday, June 06, 2002

Never posted, because I slept all day. That night really took a lot out of me. I went to work last night and had the same assignment, but mostly, things had settled down quite a bit.

Mr. G is one of my favorite patients. I have been with him since his admission. Unfortunately, that was almost a month ago. He has relapsed leukemia, and his prognosis doesn't look good. A once vibrant man, he now needs our help getting to the bathroom. His wife talked to me last night, in tears; she knows he is not doing well. I could only give her a hug, and do my best care for him.

The Better Half and I watched Austin Powers 2 today. WHen it got to the part where Elizabeth Hurley explodes, the Better Half turned to me and said, "If you blew up into a million pieces I would love each part." Now, that's love.

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