Monday, June 03, 2002

Some essentials that will make reading this blog easier:

JENN- that's me, an oncology nurse from VA. I love my job, and I talk about it often. The patient experiences here have been altered so as to protect confidentiality, but I want people to know what kind of incredible work nurses do. Also, by using this blog, I hope to hear feedback from other nurses who can give a rookie nurse some advice. In my spare time, I am addicted to knitting.

JOHN- My Better Half, as he will be refered to here. He would like the record to state that his first choice for a code name was "Dr. Funkenstein," but I convinced him otherwise. He currently teaches phys ed at a local elementary school. He has been my partner in crime, my rock, and my main source of TLC on a bad day for about 2 years now.

CHESSIE- Our cat, the Wonder Mew. The best kitty in the world. Lately we are hoping to give her a playmate. If I had my druthers, it would be a yellow tabby kitten that I would name Butters, inspired by the South Park character.

UISCE BEATHA- Our favorite band, they play Irish music at a local pub called Rare Olde Times (ROT for short). We go to see them every Thursday night. Check out their Yahoo group: BAHEADS.

BAHEADS- Our friends, Uisce Beatha fans. One of these is Marian, who inspired me to blog, because she made it look so gosh-darn fun. See her blog at

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