Sunday, June 16, 2002

These past two days have been just what I needed, some lazy time to bond with my friends, my cat, and most importantly, my Better Half.

The Parrothead party last night, hosted by new Bahead Mike, was super fun. I debuted a new outfit, a sarong and a knit red top (the signature color) I bought in Carytown. I found a flower from Ben Franklin and put it in my hair. My Better Half had on his infamous hula shirt with his blue Guido-esque tank top (you can take the boy outta Jersey, but you can't take the Jersey out of the boy). We were a tad dramatic, given that most of the other people were dressed kind of low key. We had cheeseburgers (the Heines 57 was a nice touch) and hot dogs. The beer and jello shots flowed like water, and the entertainment, Jimmy Buffett concert, was projected on the back wall of Mike's house.

Today we slept late, and for a while, I did some much needed paperwork with my new DVD of Sex and The City (3rd season) in the background, while my Better Half cleaned and vaccumed all the while singing to Neil Diamond songs. It felt very very nice, even if my Better Half is deservedly famous for being tone deaf. :)

Along with shopping, I got a gift certificate for my Dad to Target. He really is the guy who has everything. Both my parents are kinda hard to shop for, not because they are demanding or ungrateful, just that they seem very satisfied with their lot in life, and don't ask for a whole lot more. Plus, there is only so much affordable New York Yankee or Dallas Cowboy collector items out there. My uncle, who is also my Godfather, on the other hand, is very easy to shop for. Every year, he says he looks forward to his Old Spice Combo- cologne, deodorant, and after shave-and I try never to disappoint him. Tonight is Father's Day dinner at my grandmother's house.

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