Sunday, June 16, 2002

This afternoon, after we let Chessie run around outside, chase birds, roll around in a dirt patch and pounce on some ants, we gave her a bath. Chessie got her revenge by giving the Better Half a nasty scratch on his finger as well as getting into her litter box and flinging kitty litter in the bathroom, which my Better Half had spent most of the day cleaning. Nonetheless, she looks and smells great.

The Sex and The City DVD is great. For the first time, there is commentary on some of the episodes. Very interesting, and fascinating how much thought is put into the show. Subtle stuff like costuming, facial expressions and secondary story plots are carefully constructed. Plus, the actors are really talented.

John and I left the Parrothead Party before the cops showed up. See Marian's blog for detail! I really wasn't surprised, given the neighborhood Mike lives in. It is right next to where I went to high school. I guess the word that comes to mind is...oppressive.

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