Thursday, June 27, 2002

Today I am 25 years old! One quarter of a century. Tonight, we go to ROT. My cousin Kristen sent me a cute animated e-card and my friend Big John sent me a Jay and Silent Bob e-card! My mom gave me Victoria Secret pjs and my Better Half sent me flowers and called NPR to have my name on the radio! It has been a pretty nice birthday so far! Chessie also outdid herself this year, as her present was a guilt-free trip to Krispy Kreme for some doughnuts. (I actually went, spent money there, but she meowed that I should enjoy myself.)

I finished The Nanny Diaries, which I liked very much, and now am concentrating fully on Martha Inc. The people on MSNBC say Martha might go to jail, given her recent financial woes. I'm really not a fan, but I really think that would be just wrong for some reason!

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