Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Today the lights went out!!! Suddenly, at approx 12:30, we were bathed in darkness! Apparently someone doing road work nearby cut our main power line. The North and Main Hospitals had generated power for almost two hours. The worst part was how hot it was, because the air conditioner was cut off too! Many of our patients had elevated heart rates and temps from the heat!

So, it was with much joy that I got out of work and went to swim laps with my Better Half. It is great bonding with him this way. He says all we need is for me to get a bike and we'd be set!
And that got me thinking...

But I still like swimming the best. Swimming and knitting are kind of the same thing, as far as relaxation properties. Both use repetition and counting as their main focus, which can leave your mind free to work out problems in your head. Most of my ideas come when I knit or swim. I think that meditation is great, and having done yoga, I can say it is wonderful, but I need something that keeps me moving, something that I can use to push myself when I want to push, or ease back when I want to take it slow. Thus swimming is perfect for me.

I remember feeling so relaxed in the car on my drive home tonight. My worries are really gone, the stresses of the day just melted away. I can talk about my bad days and laugh, and look forward to the next day instead of with anxiety or uneasiness.

Got endorphins?

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