Saturday, June 08, 2002

Well, today was my last official day of orientation. When I go to work on Monday, I will no longer be under the watchful eye of a preceptor, someone who is checking behind me to make sure the work is done.
No, instead I will be flying solo...and I am very nervous trying not to think about it!!! I keep replaying scenarios in my head to help quiz myself (i.e. your patient's hemoglobin count is 6.3, what do you do? Answer: Transfuse packed red blood cells, one unit, don't order the blood until the doc writes START WHEN READY [my preceptor Lorraine learned the hard way after surgical oncology attending wrote her up], and then make sure that the blood tubing is appropriately capped so it doesn't gush out [I learned that one the hard way].) But I know it would drive me I gotta trust myself and know where I can go for help.

Now on to Blacksburg. Let's see: I got my sunglasses, pillow, suitcase, my unread issue of Nursing 2002, as well as this week's people and the July issue of Cosmo. I am ready to go!!!

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