Sunday, July 14, 2002

All packed!!!

I've added some new links to the blog site:
ChickKnits is a cute web site and blog that features all things purled. It has a kick arse pic of Russell Crowe flashing his needles. Yum.

AbeLinkin is my friend Drew's band. Awesome!

BUST magazine is the best women's mag out there. It features real women and has great new, challenging views of feminism. The Boobtique features very very adorable items to buy. Do yourself a favor.

Our YAHOO group, baheads, always has fun. Join up and get to know great folks and excellent music. Check out the photo album with our friend Angela's amazing drawings, and Big John's cut and paste photo-rama.

Rare Olde Times is the best Irish pub in Richmond. Visit it, damn you!

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