Sunday, July 14, 2002

I dragged my tired ass to Regency for a possible date outfit and wound up spending too much money. I got a couple of nice looking shirts and two pairs of ill-fitting jeans. After our fabulous dinner at La Siesta, which had great service courtesy of a fine young woman named Theresa, I was about ready to pop out of my new jeans! I definately recommend the Chimichanga with chicken. We went to Chesterfield Towne Center, but ended up backing out of the flick because John realized that Sum of All Fears wasn't playing anymore.

So instead we chose the safe option of going to the pub. We bantered a bit with John-at-the-bar, who, like the Billy Joel song is a hellava guy and is a friend of ours. We then saw Marian, Karelle, Pam and Grantham. Traveling with the group was Pam's cousin Trey who was visiting from Ohio. Trey impressed my Better Half by finishing an Irish Car Bomb. The waitstaff gave me my second Harp for free, a belated birthday gift! The best thing, was when the band sang that Alison Krause song from Notting Hill. Apparently it was one of the Better Half's favorites when he was in his country music phase, and he serenaded me. It was a very nice moment.

Today I am watching an Aussie flick called Love and Other Catastrophies. It's a mid-90's indie film about college students, but more artsy and less fartsy. It's one of those movies you can put on in the background and do stuff but still keep up with, because it's a lot of talking. Today I am packing for Canada, going through what I have vs what I need. I have the packing list complied by the Better Half, our leader, but also, I look to the Travel Issue of BUST magazine. ALthough the Better Half is very much in touch with his feminine side (he minored in Women's Studies at Susquehanna University in Penn.) he lacks the second X chromosome that can truly give him the experience of traveling as a fearless female. Ohh, Marian just IMed me. Gotta run.

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