Sunday, July 07, 2002

I just found out that the 2003 Nursing Symposium is at Coronado Springs in Disney World! It's in April. Whoo-hoo! This is a very special day for me, as two years ago today I learned I had passed my nursing boards. Last night, I helped Cheryl, the charge nurse, take care of an elderly Alzheimer's patient. In just changing his bed, she looked so natural and so compassionate at the bedside. I hoped someday I could be like that.

Ahh, the Better Half is home again. I have missed him so. So has Chessie. He had a good time, went to Ground Zero when he visited the city. He said it resembed a ghost town.

Tonight is Night #2 of 5 nights in a row. I get off Thursday night to go drinking at ROT. (Well, not too much). It's been a while since I've been able to imbibe, since I've been working a lot these past couple of weeks, long stretches with only about a day or two off between. The other night after we saw Undercover Brother, we went out to have a beer. I was tipsy after 2 bottles of Harp, and was slightly hungover the next day!

Everyone is recuperating from our friend Karelle's BBQ bash held last night. It sounded like a blast!

See you guys soon!

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