Monday, July 15, 2002

I just wish stupid people would go away. Like John Walker Lynde and his screwball family. I guess you need to get out from under your rock if you didn't know that the boy copped a plea bargain today and got 20 years in the pen. I haven't followed the whole thing closely, but I am very very glad he is being locked up for a long time, to become some big man's bitch.
The nicest touch? His father comparing him to Nelson Mandela. Get the f$ck outta here! I hope soon that these losers have their 15 minutes of fame expire. I mean, he's your kid, and you love him, of course, but you know he's a shithead. The best thing for you to do is go on TV, admit your kid's a shithead, and thank your lucky stars that the American legal system your kid rebelled against spared his life when he chose to commit treason. Then you shut up, go home and never speak of it again.

For the first time ever at work, I was bored! It was weird and short-lived. I helped out other people. Poor Denise was having a bad day. She rocks, so I tried to help her out a bit. Tomorrow, I am only on the unit for four hours. At 11:30 I go to a class entitled, From Survivor To Thriver, and it's about transitioning into a new job. I've been to it once before, when it was called Survivor: How Not To Get Voted Off The Island. It's no new information, but it basically pays me to sit on my ass and daydream a bit. Now am discussing with Marian her latest blog post about the family her mom cares for. Read her blog for more details.

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