Thursday, July 11, 2002

I ran into my former classmate Trixie on the stairs at work the other day. Trixie is a driven young thing- been on the surgical trauma step-down unit for two years, now married, preceptoring and challenging the clinical ladder soon. She was nicely dressed, her blue nametag and ID in place. I asked her what she was up to. "Trauma Surgery Council, gotta run." And she hurried off. I didn't know what Trauma Surgery Council was, but it sounded important and grown-up.

Today my Better Half shaved all his hair off. It's about a half an inch long now. With his aviator shades on, he looks like the old pictures of my Grandaddy when he was in the Air Force in the 40s (minus the cigarettes). He got a bit of scoop on who we will be sharing the diocese with in Canada. Apparently, the diocese is hosting 41 pilgrims. John, David and I are going to be the only Americans. The rest are a group of Polish young adults. I will be staying with two of the girls from that group. David and John get to stay together.

Ahh, so nice to have the day off. Even nicer, is that the Better Half is working a night shift tonight, and has had the morning free, and we have spent some much needed bonding time together. We are going out on a date Saturday night. A Mexican restaurant, and a movie. We're just not sure where. I wanna see The Powerpuff Girls movie, he wants to see The Sum of All Fears. I have a feeling we will end up going to see whatever is at The Byrd theatre, as I have a gift certificate to Nacho Mama's and he has Byrd Bucks, so it will be a fairly cheap date.

Tonight...ROT! After two weeks, a UB concert! Finally! See you guys later.

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