Wednesday, July 03, 2002

This morning I drove my Better Half to the train station so he could go to NJ for the holiday. I am all out of sorts, like most of the times when the Better Half or my parents leave for shortened periods of time. I used to be better at being alone, but since I have gotten so used to the Better Half being around, it is kind of a bummer when he goes somewhere.

I am sort of glad to be working nights for an extended period of time. I am really not a morning person, and the thought of getting to sleep during the day really appeals to me. The con occurs because everyone else is asleep during the times I am ready to go. So, on my days off, I stay up all morning. By 10PM or so, I am exhausted, but mainly, I don't drive or do anything that requires cognitive precision. It really just feels like a mad case of jet lag.

Well, my friend Marian talks about her decisions she is making for her life. You can read the details in her blog, but I have to say that I support her in whatever she does! Kudos Marian!

More later....

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