Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Today was so hectic! Right when I was ready to take on a pretty heavy admission, another patient with low platelet counts suddenly began to bleed! Because he couldn't clot properly he ran the risk for hemmorhaging! So we gave him a quick blood transfusion, and all was okay. I felt so run over by the time the shift was over, I went home, got into the bathtub and read a bit of Martha Inc. It's starting to talk about her divorce...very juicy but at the same time, kind of sad too. People like to gossip, and in the book it talks about a former friend of hers who swears Martha intentionally ran over a kitten! I would like to think a woman who has and appears to love cats would not even fathom something so horrid. Even the book dismisses it as someone with an ax to grind, and apparently, Martha has pissed off a lot of people.

But I still can't help myself from looking at her scrumptious looking recipes.

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