Thursday, August 29, 2002

Ahh, so nice working 4 days a week. Today is my day off, and I am loving it. I am deep into my fair project, and I must admit that it looks pretty good so far. I am now heating up a pizza and getting ready to eat lunch. Not much else going on, just been watching the news on this little boy who was kidnapped in California. Apparently, this little kid was taken at gunpoint from his dad's house by two men, who then beat up the dad. Apparently the kid's mom and her roommate are now missing. The CA police think that the mom may have taken the kid.

Apparently, Sharon Osborne is in the hospital. I will try to find out more about that. The media makes it sound grim. I hope not, for Ozzy and the kids' sake.

Well, my Yankee fan parents are getting nervous, as the baseball strike is getting down to crunch time. I really haven't been following much, as I am not a huge baseball fan. All I know is that Derek Jeter looks damn fine in those pinstripes.

Pizza is ready. More later.

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