Saturday, August 24, 2002

The Better Half and I went out on an all-day date. First we went to the Chesterfield County fair. It was fun, a primer for the State Fair. I checked out the knitting competition, and I could already feel the pressure. These works of art were incredible. I have a feeling a running theme this year will be red, white and blue, lots of flag afghans. The Better Half won me a kitty cat puppet.

In our travels today, we came across the Virginia Holocaust Museum. It is based on the personal experiences of a Luthuanian man who escaped from a ghetto with his family. The outside is very misleading, in that you think it will be a very small exhibit, but it turns out to be spread out in various rooms. After experiencing it, I believe that Nazis really did suck. In one room, there is this maniquin dressed as an S.S. guy. The Better Half and I took turns flipping him the bird, mooning him, and I pretended to knee him in the crotch (we were the only ones in the room at the time, don't worry). If you haven't yourself a favor. Its totally free and you learn so much.

We ate dinner at Kubuto, and that was the best meal we've had in a long time. We rented videos and opted to stay in for the night, since I worked 12 hours last night. We got Van Wilder (funny as hell) and When We Were Soldiers, which the Better Half is watching now. I am here.

Coming soon to my other blog, ONCOBLOG, myths and facts about GYN cancers. September is GYN Cancer Awareness Month.

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