Thursday, August 15, 2002

Here's a news bit from the "This Sucks...Hey Asshole, I hope you drop your soap." File. This is a real blow to the profession I am proud of and try to promote. Please know that there are protocols in place to deal with "nurses" who deliberately cause harm to their patients. They are menaces to society, and in many cases, murderers. Know that you can contact the State of Virginia Nursing board and make complaints anonymously, and they will investigate. The board is not set up to protect the nurses. They are a governing body that protects the public from abusive health care workers, and can remove or revoke licenses of nurses through public proceedings.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - The Indiana Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the convictions of a nurse who was sentenced to 360 years in prison for killing six patients with lethal injections.
The high court rejected several claims of jury mismanagement and misconduct during the 1999 trial of Orville Lynn Majors.
Majors, 41, was found guilty of six counts of murder for giving lethal injections of heart-stopping drugs to ailing patients at Vermillion County Hospital in Clinton, about 15 miles north of Terre Haute.
In December 2001, lawyers for Majors asked the state Supreme Court to grant him a new trial.
They claimed that one juror drank two beers delivered to her hotel room by a bailiff after the third day of deliberations.
But the appeals court said a full night passed after the juror drank the beers, and Majors did not claim that she or any other juror ``showed any effects related to alcohol when deliberations resumed the next morning.'' Messages seeking comment from Majors' appeals attorneys weren't returned Wednesday.

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