Friday, August 30, 2002

I am very happy to report that the little boy taken in CA has been found, alive and safe and is on his way back home to his dad. Good work!

Today I got paid, so I decided to treat the Better Half to dinner at Angela's Ristorante, which is famous for their cannoli. I am so sleepy, having stayed out late last night going to the pub. We had a good time.

I feel like a jerk. Apparently, while the Better Half was walking around WYD trying to find the rest of our group, when I was in the aid station, he came across a second aid station. RUN ENTIRELY BY NURSES of all races, creeds and colors! When John told them that I was a nurse and spoke a bit of Spanish, they said, "where is she? Bring her here!" He told me he didn't want to tell me, in that he was afraid I would get up, dragging the IV pole behind me, and go to help them. He said that they had a special mass in which a Cardinal blessed them and said, "you're going to miss out on what WYD is. You won't get to see the Pope. But, you are going to help people when they are at their most vulnerable and sick. And that is your ministry as a nurse." Apparently, the Catholic Nurses Association, The Red Cross, The Red Star, The Red Cresent and the Sisters of Mercy have been setting up these aid stations since WYD in Denver, when people got sick left and right from drinking soda for dinner. They even had stickers saying, "I WAS HELPED BY AN ANGEL OF MERCY." The best part...they take volunteers, and help pay for nurses to come and help out. That would have really fulfilled me for WYD. And sheepishly I must say that I will not badmouth something that I didn't enjoy unless I explore all sides first. It certainly made WYD in Germany very appealing, thinking I could help out in that way.

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