Friday, August 16, 2002

I ended up being very lazy and staying in last night. The Better Half has gone to the beach with his parents, so I am solo for another couple of days.
Today was my first day shift in about 3 weeks. My legs are throbbing...but really I didn't think I did that much. It didn't feel like I did. I only had 4 patients. In that time, I had to turn and change one ever so often, one needed a blood transfusion, one was obese and had some difficulty getting around, and the other just needed some TLC. Nothing major.

Two different times today, my coworkers said that I seemed "more subdued than usual." Our unit secretary, Tiffany, said, "you come in, do your work and go home. I've noticed it for the last couple of times you've worked." I'm wondering if it's from the heat exhaustion from WYD still lingering. Also, there's been a lot going on since we got back, what with debriefing from WYD, all the stuff with Father John, and the fact that the Better Half hasn't been around much. I'm trying to figure it out.

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