Friday, August 09, 2002

Nothing new. Still bummed. Having a big olde One-Woman-Pity-Party.

Had an incident in Canada that really rattled me. Unfortunately, since I am feeling miserable right now, it has jarred its way back into my memory. I've kept mum about it and how much it really bothered me. We were walking in the field going to the Papal Mass when Jeff accidently stepped on another party's tarp, leaving a muddy footprint. This guy started bitching, and I offered to clean off the spot with some of my baby wipes. He pulled out a collared priest's shirt out of his knapsack, called me Miss Baby Wipes and told me he'd take my confession whenever I was ready. Then he said I'd better watch myself, and watch who I talked to.
Needless to say, being verbally threatened by a priest really was the icing on the cake for my WYD experience. Even though Jim and Judy are convinced he wasn't a priest when they heard the story, it was a pretty shitty thing to have happen.

Sometimes I wonder, like I told John Y. this morning, if my desire to help people is going to contribute to my inevitable downfall. Is it really worth it?

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