Thursday, August 15, 2002

Okay, so I was wrong. Not all teens are bad. Hey, all you prepubescent twerps out there, take a lesson from this kid. Way to go, Junior!
(This is about the kidnapping of that baby from the parking lot of a store in Texas. The mom literally turned her back for about 10 seconds when her 1 month old was snatched from the car. The baby was found yesterday unharmed and is back with her parents.)
Margarita Chavez said she never doubted that she would get her daughter back because of the efforts of officers and one courageous bystander.
The bystander, Robert Gann, a 13-year-old eighth-grader, heard Margarita Chavez’s screams as she was being dragged more than 30 feet by the kidnapper’s car. He hit the passenger side with his fist but was not able to prevent the kidnapping.
Margarita Chavez repeatedly thanked Robert for trying. “He didn’t stop her, but he did so much,” Chavez said, choking back tears as she cradled Nancy in her arms. “I praise the Lord.”
Robert said he never thought about the potential danger.
“I saw the mom cry,” he said at the news conference. “It made me feel bad — made me see my mom go through all that pain. I went to help her just like I’d help my mom.”
Robert said he had been in trouble with the law and had just come out of juvenile detention in June with “a different perspective.”
“I did things dumb enough like take cars and stuff,” he said. “I’m still on probation. Now I can stand proud.”
Salvador Chavez hugged him for several moments as the news conference ended.

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