Wednesday, August 28, 2002

This is a link to the story John Y. broke on his website. Hmm. Too bad there is no such thing as Soilent Green.

So, my theory is that we take all useless and crappy people in the world, you know, assholes like this, and former Real World castmembers, and use them for animal testing. Let the little bunnies run free, take one of those skinny bitches and jam some mascara in her eye to see if it causes a rash. I mean, it's not like they're useful human beings anyway. They're basically living off the fact that they once were on The Real World. Come on Puck, save a bunny, take one for the team. The only one I thought was even remotely useful was Pedro Zamora, the Latino cast member who brought a name and a face to AIDS. Unfortunately, Pedro is no longer with us.

Sorry if I seem crass, but I've had it with stupid people. Also, I am missing Dee Snider Radio big time. It's too cruel to just cut us off cold turkey. But anyway, back to stupid people. I wish that the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion would occur with stupid people. Just think, you do something dumb or harmful, you're given three minutes to redeem yourself before you explode in flames. My friends in the burn unit wouldn't stop running!

Who's with me???

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