Thursday, August 08, 2002

Today I got invited to breakfast by two of my coworkers, Shar and Nichelle. It was fun, we ate good food, gossiped and laughed. It's the first time I've felt a part of something at work, like the social scene. Also, I can take my Better Half to this place. He misses the diners of NJ and often gripes that we don't have decent diners down here, and I am constantly trying to prove him wrong.

Yesterday I went over the Better Half's pad to crash for a bit. As I went to get my keys when I was ready to leave, I noticed that sitting next to my keys was a small wallet-sized card that said "I love you" about twenty times on it. It was from my Better Half, to me. I keep wondering what I did to deserve someone so great.

Zzz. Falling asleep. Tonight, hang out a bit at ROT before work. Don't worry, I never drink on the nights I go to work from there. Your friends and fam are safe with me.

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