Monday, August 12, 2002

Tonight isn't too bad, yet. I have 4 patients, one of which was an admission who came at about 2AM. She proclaimed me the best nurse in the hospital. Apparently she had a rough time in the ER. The nurse I took report from sounded tired and civil enough, but not much else. I've realized that most of the time, most of the patients respond to courtesy and kindness the most, rather than excellent clinical skills. I was surprised how few nurses outside of psych really thought of themselves as people persons, with good communication and people skills. Some are, some aren't. I know that people who work hard to put me at ease with kind words or a jovial demeanor are the people I feel very comfortable with. My preceptor, Paul, in psychiatry, was like that. My preceptor, Lorraine, in oncology is like that as well, so I am lucky to have such good role models.

Today I started knitting again for the first time in a while. I was knitting a bit in Canada, mainly bracelets featuring the WYD colors of red gold and blue. Thank God for WalMart. I had wanted to knit a bit during the Papal Mass, but heat exhaustion took care of that. My favorite knitting mag, Family Circle Easy Knitting, has some very cute patterns in the Fall issue. I am so far behind on my projects I will probably alter some of them, in order to get rid of the yarn. I was supposed to make a sweater coat out of this great tweed yarn, but I will probably instead opt for a pullover. Also, there is a cute sweater vest that I can make out of some of the colored yarn I wanted to use for a multi-colored pullover, and use the rest for a scarf or something. Tonight I started making a scarf out of the teal wool yarn Cathy Wilson brought me back from Ireland. I plan to make a hat if I have any yarn left over.

I'm excited because Fall is coming. I always liked Fall. It's really pretty here. The trees turn brown yellow and red, and the air becomes crisp when the temps drop. My favorite thing to do is walk outside on a Fall morning, preferably in the city. The state fair comes in September, usually the last week, while it's still hot. By the end of October, it's chilly. I remember that the Celtic Festival and Highland Games happen the last week of October, and it was really cold. UB played outside. My alma mater has it's Annual Alumni Conference the first week of November, and this year, working in oncology, I get to go free of charge! Also, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I adore Thanksgiving, because you can eat as much as you want and you don't have to stress out about buying presents. Also, Thanksgiving is a time where our fam gets together. Last year, my Grandfather made a little speech in which he described how happy he felt a few days prior, when our fam did yard work together. There were 9 people helping, he said, and he watched, and realized how lucky he was. I couldn't agree more. It's also my favorite time to travel, because it's not too hot to walk.
Well, gotta do some work around here. More later.

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