Friday, August 09, 2002

Tonight...the pub. Unfortunately, I had to skip out before things got interesting. We talked with Jim and Judy about WYD. They went to Denver in 97. Judy ended up with heat exhaustion, like me. The Better Half walked me to my car, and told me he was sorry I had such a lousy time. He said he felt partially responsible...he said he talked it up so much that he may have made it sound misleading. I disagree. For one, he didn't force me at gunpoint to go to WYD. I went. I didn't really know what to expect, but that was par for the course. I don't blame the Better Half for anything. I am glad he was able to get so much out of it, and doesn't resent me because he missed the Papal Mass. He still plans to go to Germany in 2005. As I said before, I will support him in any way I can, but from my couch, with my cat.

Trying not to listen to coworkers around me. There's a lot of negativity recently. Morale is low. Heather, one of my coworkers tonight, is getting ready to transfer to another unit to work, and she can't wait. She really hates working here, and makes it known. It bugs me when people are negative. It brings me down. I always try to keep a positive attitude and focus on giving the best care as I can, despite the circumstances. Unfortunately, the hospitals are so short staffed right now that anywhere you go you will probably run into the same thing. It's been hard being a nurse in these times. I love the work I do. I am very proud to be a nurse, and the profession has been very good to me. I will be glad when I start working 12 hour shifts, and work less days during the week. I get to help orient Marion, a new grad, tomorrow night, then on Saturday, the Better Half and I want to go out on a date. Sunday night I work, and then I don't work on the unit again until Friday, as I have classes during the week.

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